• A lot of us are so busy, and we do not always look back at all our past transactions to see where we might be missing some tax deductions. A place where deductions love to hide is the balance sheet. Accounts like receivables, payables and fixed assets are some of the big ones. Use this spreadsheet to find some hidden deductions in your balance sheet. Also use for accrual to cash basis conversion.
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  • Monetize all processes to find areas where the same functions can be delivered at less cost!

    The internal processes is one of the main areas a business gains competitive advantage over another. It should never be something created and set in stone. It should be a living, searchable document with consistent update. Evaluating the internal processes, should be point of discussion at least once a year during the strategic business process. There is always a new technology that can improve processes. Consistent training and education about latest development is important to stay cutting edge. Having a system of continuous improvement, puts you way ahead of the competition. As a result be sure to monetize all processes to find areas where the same functions can be delivered at less cost. This template can analyze up to 12 services with 15 processes.
    • Analyze your processes to see how services can be delivered for less.
    • Optimize owners time
    • Create your action plan for improving your internal processes.
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  • This workbook attempts to help the small business entrepreneur identify what is holding them back from meeting their growth potential.  
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  • Use this template to calculate markup if cost of sales and desired markup is know. This template also allows you do the calculation in reverse.
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  • This simple template will help you create a printable personal financial statement. This is useful if your bank requires an annual personal financial statement update. This can be printed, signed and handed over to your banker.
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  • Time management is one of the important skills necessary to grow your business. Enter your priorities in this excel template and let this calendar create a daily schedule for you.
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  • Do you understand why profit is not the same as cash flow? Download this template to see how cash and profit defer.
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  • A quick and easy template to compute the profitability of your project.  
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  • Sale!
    Do you know exactly what you need from your business in order to retire . Whether you plan to:
    1. Sell your business
    2. Keep your business but have others run it
    3. Close your business.
    You need to set the right goals so you can someday retire. In this module, you learn:
    • What exactly do you need to retire?
    • Is your business capable of providing that income?
    • The valuation required for your retirement
    • Your current valuation
    • Gap analysis: What makes up the difference between your current valuation and target valuation.
    This module focuses on what is required to generate the assets needed so you can live on the interest payments only when you retire. In this this way you do not have to worry about outliving your retirement dollars as the principal remains untouched. So, if you live for 10 years or 100 years after retirement, it wouldn’t matter as you have enough assets to cover your lifestyle. What is included
    1. A manual in word format with detailed video instructions and valuable tips
    2. An excel workbook for your calculations
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  • The master budget consists of various sub interrelated budgets. The goal is to deeply think of all areas affecting the business goals and develop a plan of action to meet those goals. The master budget starts with projecting sales. After sales projections the following sub-budgets are created:
    1. Production budget: computes how many units should be produced to meet the sales goals
    2. Raw materials budget: computes how much raw materials should be purchased to produce the number of units calculated in the production budget
    3. Direct labor budget: Estimates direct labor cost to meet the production goal
    4. Selling & Admin budget: estimates the expenses needed to meet the sales goal outside of production.
    5. Income statement: The end product of the budgets described above is the budgeted income statement.
    6. Cash flow statement: As we know cash flow does not equal profits. This budget estimates expected cash inflow and outflow
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  • Sale!
    This package consists of 2 excel workbooks with links to instructional videos, and an accompanying ebook The program is broken down into 2 sections: 1) The data entry portion: There are 7 simple exercises that require easy to gather data. The program takes away most of the hassles of data entry. 2) Once you enter your data, you get meaningful analysis of how your business is doing. Such as:  recommended pricing?

    The eBook goes into more details on further insights you can get from your results in the workbook

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  • Get the module that teaches what you need to know about product cost. If you an accounting student struggling to understand the concept of product costing, you will find these sets of templates useful. There are 9 lessons and one test in this module. Topics covered are:
    1. An introduction to product cost
    2. An introduction to allocating overhead: ABC versus Traditional
    3. Job order costing using the traditional method of allocating overhead
    4. Job order costing using ABC to allocate overhead
    5. Process costing using the traditional method of allocating overhead
    6. Process costing using ABC to allocate overhead
    7. How product cost flows through the financial statement (job order costing)
    8. How product cost flows through the financial statement (process costing)
    9. Other uses of ABC
    10. Test your knowledge: Questions and Answers
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