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    Now is the time to plan savings on your 2018 taxes!

    This template works best with the FREE 2018 tax planning course.

    2018 brought with it multiple tax changes: Some positive (e.g. double the standard deduction), and some negative (e.g. no more personal exemptions). Without running the numbers for your particular situation, you might find out it’s too late to GET the ADVANTAGES that come with the tax reform. With the 2018 tax planning template you can test to see how the reform affects your specific situation. You also get access to the free course which provides additional insights on your tax situation. You get this free course whether or not you get the template. With this package you will be able to effectively plan to pay less in 2018!

    In addition to planning your current situation, you can test what your tax liability will be as a sole proprietor, partnership, s corporation or c corporation.  Since the tax rates for corporations have been lowered, it is worth taking a look to see if this is of benefit to you.


    Along with the ability to estimate your taxes, you get these bonuses.
    1. Compliance Calendar: allows you to keep track of critical dates. Missing a filing requirement or deadline could impact your bottom line by making you pay late fees and penalties. You can also modify this file to add other important deadlines. Upload the file to google calendar and set the alerts you need.
    2. Paycheck calculator: estimate tax liability for your weekly, biweekly, semi monthly or monthly payroll
    3. Annual wage tax estimate: estimate W2 liability at year end
    4. Expense tracker for schedule c – track all your expenses for your schedule c.
    5. Invoicing –keep track of your invoices and print invoices for your clients
    6. Mileage Tracker – track your mileage
    7. Time card: time card for you or your employees
    8. Reimbursement – keep track of your business expenses you pay through your personal account and reimbursed by the business.
    You can learn to make good tax decisions using this template.  These additional templates if purchased separately are valued at $160 but you get them for free as part of this purchase.
    Do not wait till 2018 to find out your tax liability, be sure to take advantage of the template and FREE COURSE to minimize your taxes.
    Get the total 2018 tax planning package today for only $59.99. If you do not save at least your purchase price, your money will be returned.

    This template works best with the FREE 2018 tax planning course.

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  • Shareholders of a corporation must hold shareholder meeting once a year. Even if you are not a corporation, having an annual meeting is a great way to look at the rear view mirror and make good plans. The annual meeting is a great way to document important decisions such as:
    1. Owners compensation
    2. Distributions/ dividends
    3. Capital needs
    4. Employee benefits.
    This template runs you through planning and running your annual meeting. In this template you will get:
    1. Notice template
    2. Agenda
    3. Minutes
    4. Calculators for owners compensation, distributions and capital needs
    5. Financial review - historical performance
    6. Strategy template
    7. Promissory note template
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  • What would you do if the IRS picked you for an audit?

    Do you have all the documentation required to protect you? Using this template along side with this free course , you can speed up the audit process. Good documentation not only helps with an audit but forms the basis of good financial planning. With this package you get: Policies and procedure template: This forms the basis on which your books are kept. The policies discussed in the template are:
    1. General policies
    2. Revenue
    3. Expenses
    4. Inventory
    5. Cash management
    6. Fixed assets
    7. Capitals or loans
    8. Chart of accounts
    9. Employee benefits
    10. Payroll including how owners pay and dividends are determined
    11. Owners contribution documentation
    12. Promissory note template
    13. Financial reporting process
    14. Annual meeting process
    15. Sample agenda
    16. Sample minutes
    In addition you get templates for:
    1. Depreciation schedule
    2. Invoicing
    3. Mileage log
    4. Reimbursement log
    5. Checkbook register
    6. Cash register
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  • This business budget template is designed for the business owner who sells products. It addresses the various steps a product business goes through to make a profit. This template includes the following budgets:
    1. The sales budget
    2. The production budget ( number of units to make or purchase in order to meet sales goal)
    3. The material purchase budget
    4. The direct labor budget
    5. The production overhead budget
    6. The selling and administrative budget
    7. The income statement
    8. Break even analysis
    9. What-if analysis
    10. Accounts receivable schedule
    11. Accounts payable schedule
    12. Cash flow analysis
    All budgets are inter-related so you only have to enter your data once. This template can be customized to suit your business needs.
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  • What should your potential size be? This workbook is designed to help the business owner who is not really interested in growing a multi national corporation, but simply wants a business that supports both needs and wants and financial freedom goals The dashboard calculates what the potential size of your business should be and estimating If your idea is capable of growing to that size. This workbook will help the entrepreneur do four things: 1) Gain laser focus by knowing what is required from his business i.e. what the potential size should be 2) Jump start the planning process by giving the entrepreneur measurements he/she can use against his plans 3) Discard any plans that does not measure up to the ideal size. 4) Estimate whether the opportunity currently pursued is big enough to meet the retirement goals In this workbook you will find: Dashboard Validate Conclusion
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  • Is it time to buy that new high cost item or simply fix the old one? Find out which option leaves more cash in your pocket.
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  • If you do not have a financial software, you can use this template as a checkbook register and to track your profits and cash.
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  • While running your business we often run into tools that could help us do our business better. We start a subscription, use the tool for a couple of months and sometimes choose to abandon the tool. The only problem is we sometimes forget to cancel the subscription. As a result, we carry expenses on our books that no longer bears fruit for our business. To combat this problem, use this worksheet to track your ongoing subscriptions. To be effective, you will need to have a dues and subscription line item in your accounting software where you track all subscriptions. On a monthly basis, compare the total on the spreadsheet with the total of the line item in your financial software. Be sure to investigate any differences as this may be cancelled subscriptions that are still being charged to your account. This little change can save thousands over a couple of years. It’s amazing how little expenses can add up to big expenses over time.
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  • Being self-employed could be overwhelming but proper planning you can stay ahead of the game. The expense tracker template was specifically designed for self employed individuals who have no system of keeping track of expenses. The first step to a successful tax year, in preparation and savings, is getting and keeping organized financially.  It is very easy to lose track of expenses during the year. Use templates like the expense tracker template to keep track of your expenses including home office deductions.  The expense tracker template uses the same expense categories as the IRS form schedule C.
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  • Monetize all processes to find areas where the same functions can be delivered at less cost!

    The internal processes is one of the main areas a business gains competitive advantage over another. It should never be something created and set in stone. It should be a living, searchable document with consistent update. Evaluating the internal processes, should be point of discussion at least once a year during the strategic business process. There is always a new technology that can improve processes. Consistent training and education about latest development is important to stay cutting edge. Having a system of continuous improvement, puts you way ahead of the competition. As a result be sure to monetize all processes to find areas where the same functions can be delivered at less cost. This template can analyze up to 12 services with 15 processes.
    • Analyze your processes to see how services can be delivered for less.
    • Optimize owners time
    • Create your action plan for improving your internal processes.
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  • This workbook attempts to help the small business entrepreneur identify what is holding them back from meeting their growth potential.  
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  • Use this template to calculate markup if cost of sales and desired markup is know. This template also allows you do the calculation in reverse.
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