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    2018 TAX PLANNING SPREADSHEETS FOR ENTREPRENEURS Now is the time to plan savings on your 2018 taxes!

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  • Shareholders of a corporation must hold shareholder meeting once a year. Even if you are not a corporation, having an annual meeting is a great way to look at the rear view mirror and make good plans. The annual meeting is a great way to document important decisions such as:
    1. Owners compensation
    2. Distributions/ dividends
    3. Capital needs
    4. Employee benefits.
    This template runs you through planning and running your annual meeting. In this template you will get:
    1. Notice template
    2. Agenda
    3. Minutes
    4. Calculators for owners compensation, distributions and capital needs
    5. Financial review - historical performance
    6. Strategy template
    7. Promissory note template
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  • What would you do if the IRS picked you for an audit?

    Do you have all the documentation required to protect you? Using this template along side with this free course , you can speed up the audit process. Good documentation not only helps with an audit but forms the basis of good financial planning. With this package you get: Policies and procedure template: This forms the basis on which your books are kept. The policies discussed in the template are:
    1. General policies
    2. Revenue
    3. Expenses
    4. Inventory
    5. Cash management
    6. Fixed assets
    7. Capitals or loans
    8. Chart of accounts
    9. Employee benefits including the new employer credit for paid family and medical leave
    10. Payroll including how owners pay and dividends are determined
    11. Owners contribution documentation
    12. Promissory note template
    13. Financial reporting process
    14. Annual meeting process
    15. Sample agenda
    16. Sample minutes
    In addition you get templates for:
    1. Depreciation schedule
    2. Invoicing
    3. Mileage log
    4. Reimbursement log
    5. Checkbook register
    6. Cash register
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