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Finances are a very integral part of the entrepreneurial journey. You can have the best marketing program but without a solid financial system, you never seem to move forward.  Any business that is going to survive the long haul must have a financial system: A financial system affects every area of the business, and works hand in hand with the marketing and operational system. While having a financial system will not prevent adversities from affecting your business, it will give you a more solid anchor in handling the adverse events that come your way.

A good financial system starts with the business map which includes a budget.

The map provides the purpose for the business which becomes the filter that clarifies what opportunities to accept and which ones to reject. Once you determine what you do, you can focus on allocating resources to what matters while minimizing waste. This is what the budget is all about.


User Avatar Evelyn Ivy, CPA, MBA

With over 16 years of accounting and finance experience, I know what it takes to make your business profitable. However, in my opinion of what really makes me qualified to work with you is my love for using my God-given gift to help people with numbers. I love difficult problems and my business is to be in the business of helping other people achieve their dream/vision/ goal in the most cost effective and productive way. I am very passionate about my clients and take their problems very personally.