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Excel Templates for Entrepreneurs






“The Simple Path to Understanding your Numbers like a Pro, Find More Money in your Business without the Accounting Nightmares!”

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Are you looking for excel templates for entrepreneurs that gives more clarity?

  • As you read this, you might be in conflict on how to make the most of your time and resources to gain the freedom you so desire.

  • You want to build that successful business but yet want the balance of managing the things you love.

  • You desire a business that would give you the needed time to be with your family, and live life to its potential.

  • If you’re willing to learn, a successful business in which you CAN take total control of your financial life, then you will need to get a better handle on your finances. Whining and wishing for a sudden burst in your life and finance will not get you closer to your goal?

  • I invite you to come on a journey with me, let me teach you about the world of numbers; which is essential for long-term success. I have spent over 15 years helping clients understand their financial situations.

Hi, I am Evelyn Ivy an entrepreneur myself; and I love numbers.

To me, entrepreneurship is not an end in itself but one of the tools I have learned to use to give me a rewarding life. We live in a world filled with so much beauty and opportunities.

With the excel template for entrepreneurs, I show you how you can excel –using numbers. Numbers do not lie. Looking at the facts have helped me make some very beneficial decisions. Now let me teach you how to do the same thing!

Let my 15 year + experience, work for you for less than you will pay a professional.

You Can Achieve Your Goals!

  • Does it seem like you are always starting afresh in your business instead of growing?

  • Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Would you like to better understand what the numbers on your financial statements are telling you?

  • Would you like to plan with better clarity?

As a Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneur, I understand the financial pitfalls most people face when starting a business. I have held the hands of entrepreneurs like you and guided towards better understanding their numbers. Now, let me hold your hands and guide you so you do not make the same mistakes that has made so many others stumble.

For a moment…

  • Imagine a world where you’re in control of your money. I mean, you know the sources and uses of your cash.

  • Imagine looking at your financial statement and having a clear picture of what actions you need to take.

  • Imagine having a financial system in place; that helps you in your decision-making processes.

  • Imagine starting your business with the right knowledge from day one.

You can learn to make good decisions using numbers.  Using numbers has helped me be a good steward of my financial resources. You can do the same too!

You can have  a better handle of your numbers by downloading the excel template for entrepreneurs which includes 2 excel templates with links to instructional videos, and ebook

  1. Workbook 1 – Show the financial analysis for the small business
  2. Workbook 2- Will bring clarity by showing you how to balance revenue and cash.
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Sample Analysis:

Look inside the excel template for entrepreneurs:

The program consists of 2 excel workbooks with links to instructional videos, and an accompanying ebook

The program is broken down into 2 sections:

1) The data entry portion: There are 7 simple exercises that require easy to gather data. The program takes away most of the hassles of data entry.

2) Once you enter your data, you get meaningful analysis of how your business is doing. If you go online and search for how to do financial analysis for a small business, most of them do not speak a language you can understand. As a small business owner, you care very little about the ratios they tell you to look at: They make very little sense to you. The program is more concerned about calculating details that mean something to the small business owner rather than ratios used to analyze multi million/billion dollar public companies.

For example, do you know what your correct revenue level should be? Are you undercharging your customers? There is a certain revenue level you must attain to stay sustainable and you can only get there by charging your customers the right price. In the example below, we see this business is only charging their customers 63% of what is required to stay sustainable in the market it is competing in. Increasing revenue by increasing pricing is the lowest hanging fruit.


Samples of other analysis to expect are shown below:


Product business result sample


Retail business result sample (buy and resell)

The eBook goes into more details on further insights you can get from your results in the workbook

arrow scroll down

Why Should You Download the package?

By now you should be tired of spinning the wheels not knowing how to make it all work. But here is what you will gain. You will learn the appropriate level of:

iconOwners pay for work done in the business

iconOwners dividends for taking risks of owning the business

iconPricing strategy

iconBetter understanding of your expense to revenue ratios, among the four main expense categories:

  • Business development ( predicts future revenue growth)
  • Labor expenses ( Are you efficiently delivering your services?)
  • Marketing expenses (How efficient is your marketing?)
  • Administrative expenses (You want to minimize this as much as possible)
  • As a business owner, you have a responsibility to your customers to run an efficient business. Having your customers pay for your inefficiencies is not fair.

iconBetter understanding of your cash flow

iconReturn on marketing

iconYou will have a better idea on how to manage your business finances.

iconIf the only time you have a clue how your business is doing is at tax time, my program will change that for you.

iconDo you want to succeed? Then let my program help you …

By downloading the excel templates for entrepreneurs, you can understand what your numbers are saying and earn more in your business.

You have made bad financial decisions because you did not have the financial expertise to evaluate the deal. Follow my simple guidelines and think like a financial pro.

Now that you know what you stand to gain by downloading the package, find out how I can help you …

Click Here To Download the sample Free

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You cannot make changes to the sample file. You just get to see the sample data, excerpts from the eBook and what the analysis looks like.

To buy the full working version of the excel templates for entrepreneurs, click here

buy now

You cannot make changes to the sample files. You just get to see the sample data, excerpts from the eBook and what the analysis looks like.

To buy a full working version, click here

buy now

Now you can Achieve Financial Freedom:

Yes, freedom from the debt and the traps that trip most entrepreneurs.

Discover how money can flow into your business, and how to make it work for you!

And most importantly,

“You can take control of your business once again!”

According to SBA, 50% of Small Businesses fail in their first five years and many don’t even make it through their first year. When starting your own business, one thing you may not know is that you’ve a lot of factors to consider – but the most IMPORTANT reason businesses fail is lack of understanding their numbers – really!

Once you can master the numbers in your business, you’ve succeeded in reducing failure from your life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a copy of  the excel templates for entrepreneurs and know your numbers like a pro!

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Answers to your questions

I didn’t just formulate the theory and advice in this book. For years, I’ve acquired the right knowledge about Entrepreneurship and Numbers.

As a Certified Public Accountant with a MBA, I’ve extensive training and experience which you can tap into and achieve your own success – one step at a time. You’ll find helpful instructions in the package and you can gradually become the person who improves their financial situation by having a better handle of the numbers.

Yes, the program written specifically for you. Because the content is focused on numbers that have meaning to small business owners and not accountants.

Of course not. In fact, I didn’t promise that you’ll become a millionaire just by buying the program. Yes, it does have the capacity to increase your income, but the book reveals my experiences in Accounting and how you can make a successful business by taking control of the hidden loopholes that sucks your money out.

So, feel at home and order a copy of the program. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme because I do not believe in overnight success. On the contrary, I believe in the value of hard work and diversification. You will see this principle emphasize in the eBook. According to King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 11: 1, he advises that, “we should ship our grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return. Invest in seven ventures, yes in eight; for you do not know what disaster may come upon your land”. You’d find the information valuable, guaranteed!

Finding hidden cash in your business to grow your business. The program will clear your financial pathway and make you see what the future holds for you.

It’s Time For You To Succeed As an Entrepreneur…

I strongly believe that with this excel template for entrepreneurs, you’ll be forced to begin the conversation about the direction of your business …

All it takes is one simple decision on your part.

Download A Sample Copy of This Program Free

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