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Is your accountant giving too much
of your money to the IRS?

If you haven’t reviewed your tax strategy in 2018, you could be missing out on key savings that became effective at the beginning of the year. Waiting until you’re ready to file in 2019 will be too late.

If you’re a business owner, you owe it to yourself to do a check-up on your tax strategy. Why give the IRS more than they ask for?

What does this free tax course help you with?

This course will give you a brief overview of where you can save additional money, and what changes you should investigate further.

What can you learn with this course?

  • Learn about the new deduction for business owners.

  • Learn about choosing a  business structure that will allow you claim the highest deductions.

  • Learn workarounds to the tax changes that limit itemized deductions.

  • Get tools to help you calculate simple tax scenarios.

Waiting until 2019 can be an expensive mistake.

In addition to planning your current situation, you get FREE access to a professional who can answer general tax questions.

2018 Tax Planning Strategy

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2018 Tax Planning Strategy
  • Tax changes for 2018
  • What you should be doing now to save money on taxes
  • Templates to help you with your tax planning

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