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If you want to save more of your money on your taxes this year, and find out what your accountant might be missing, then also get this important spreadsheet which works with the free tax course. The course teaches you general possibilities, with this 2018 tax planning spreadsheet you can test out your specific situation.

This tool is for business owners and entrepreneurs who haven’t adjusted their tax strategy to take advantage of the 2018 tax changes.

Multiple tax changes went into effect with the start of 2018. Some of these changes are positive (e.g. double the standard deduction), and some negative (e.g. no more personal exemptions). If you wait until you’re ready to file, you might find out it’s too late to take advantage of some tax savings.


This is a comprehensive tax planning strategy. If you don’t plan ahead, how do you know which financial decisions will save you money, and which ones will cost you money? This template walks you through the different scenarios that could affect your business finances and taxes.

Some of the questions you’ll be able to answer are:

  • What to do if your income will exceed limits for certain credits?

  • What business structure will allow you to claim the highest qualified business deduction?

  • Why adjust your health insurance premiums, if you purchase from the marketplace.

  • When it’s okay to take distributions from your retirement.

  • Should you increase or decrease wages in 2018?

  • Should you take that extra job?

  • Should your spouse get a part time job or stay home to take care of the kids?

  • Why your spouse working for your company can save you money.

  • Should you sell your losing stocks?

  • Will your business be better structured as a S or C Corporation? With the lower tax rates this year, it is worth seeing which structure will save you the most money.

  • How much should you contribute to your retirement?

  • Why contributing to your retirement accounts via your business or personal matters?

  • In the long run, is a ROTH IRA better than Traditional IRA?

  • Should you itemize or use the standard deduction?

  • Why choosing to buy new assets for your rental properties is even more critical in 2018.

  • Should you claim your children or allow them to file their own tax return?

  • And much more …

Yes, that’s a lot of questions getting answered with our 2018 tax planning template. This template takes a comprehensive approach and calculates how each change affects your deductions, credits, adjusted gross income (AGI), taxable income, and tax liability. A lot of accountants aren’t currently running these scenarios for their clients.

If you’ve never sat down with your accountant and reviewed your tax strategy to this level of detail, how much extra money have you given to the IRS?


Our Tax Planning System comes with a free course, plus a comprehensive excel spreadsheet for you to test multiple scenarios to see where you can save the most taxes. Some of the analysis you can do within the comprehensive spreadsheet are:

  • Effect of converting from a sole proprietor, partnership s corp or c corp to any other entity of your choice.

  • Effect of net business income change.

  • Effect of wage change.

  • Effect of net rental income change.

  • Effect of change in depreciable assets.

  • Effect of change in capital gains, qualified dividends, REIT dividends, Publicly traded partnership income and cooperative dividends.

  • Effect of change in retirement contributions or other benefits.

  • Long term effect of choosing a ROTH IRA versus a Traditional IRA.

  • Tax credits you enjoy for having children: child and dependent care credit, child tax credit, earned income credit, education credit.

  • How paying student loans affect your tax liability.

  • Effects of making more charitable contributions and other deductible payments this year.

  • Effects of not paying estimated taxes on time.

  • Effects of not having health insurance.

  • Effects of not paying enough premiums for marketplace insurance.

  • Effects of paying too much premiums for marketplace insurance.

  • Tax on early distributions.

  • Effects of making retirement contributions.

  • Effects of contributing too much to your retirement account.

  • Effects of earning high income (tests for alternate minimum tax, additional medicare tax and net investment income tax).

  • Effects of paying your retirement benefits through your business or personal account.

Here are examples of tax savings an entrepreneur can expect to receive with this template:

For a limited time you also get…

1) Compliance Calendar – This calendar allows you to keep track of critical dates. Missing a filing requirement or deadline could impact your bottom line by making you pay late fees and penalties. You can also modify this file to add other important deadlines. Upload the file to google calendar and set the alerts you need.

2) Pay check calculator – estimate tax liability for your weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly payroll

3) Annual wage tax estimate – estimate W2 liability at year end

4) Expense tracker for Schedule C – track all your expenses for your Schedule C.

5) Invoicing – Create and print invoices for clients, while keeping track of which ones are outstanding or paid.

6) Mileage Tracker – Easily track your business mileage throughout the year.

7) Time card – Easy time card template for you or your employees to track billable hours.

8) Reimbursement – Keep track of your business expenses paid for with your personal account to be reimbursed by the business.

These additional tools are valued at $160 and are free when you purchase our Tax Planning Strategy Template.


I’m offering this 2018 tax planning spreadsheet at an introductory rate of $59.99 and you get digital access to it instantly.

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I realize this is very inexpensive, especially when it could save you thousands, so what’s the catch? There is no catch!

I am also an entrepreneur and business owner and have spent my career helping entrepreneurs like you create a tax strategy that benefits them, not the IRS. This is why I created this free course and inexpensive tool, so that I can help as many entrepreneurs as possible keep more of their hard-earned money.

I truly believe that this 2018 tax planning strategy spreadsheet will help you make better, more informed decisions about your taxes and tax liability.


I’m offering this tax planning spreadsheet at an introductory rate because it’s almost too late for business owners to create a strategy for their 2018 taxes. Once the year ends, you can’t go back and fix what already happened.


You’re also getting access to a professional who can answer your general tax questions.


If you do not save more than the cost of this package, I’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep all of the materials. That’s right, you don’t even have to send anything back.

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2018 Tax Planning Strategies for Entrepreneurs
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I have spent a lot of time running scenarios for various situations and the tax savings can be enormous depending on your circumstances. I will like to share what I have discovered with you…

As a Certified Public Accountant and entrepreneur, I understand the financial pitfalls most people face with taxes. I have held the hands of entrepreneurs like you and guided towards better understanding their taxes. Now, let me guide you, so you do not make the same mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars, when you file your 2018 taxes.

I invite you to come on a journey with me, let me teach you about saving money on taxes; which is essential for long-term success. I have spent over 15 years helping clients understand their financial situations. Through this offer, you can let my 15 year + experience, work for you for less than you will pay for consultation.